Masculine & Feminine Energies: How to find balance

398a60b5-5469-42ce-8311-fc3bb1734317We have entered into a year unlike any that we have experienced before. We are more aware energetically and spiritually and are living in a world that is different than any other period in history. When combining consciousness of the Universe, Earth, and Mass with our own energy we are bound to get a little off balance with our inner masculine and feminine energies.

Within each being, regardless of their gender, reside Masculine and Feminine energy. Finding balance within these energies is extremely important and something many overlook. Being unbalanced can affect many aspects of our lives. People who tend to be high in their masculine energy can be toxic and have unhealthy patterns toward other people. People who are high in their feminine energy tend to be toxic towards themselves. Creating balance in your masculine and feminine energies will help improve many aspects of your life and can also improve your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Here are some common characteristics for masculine and feminine energies.

 Masculine (Yang) Characteristics:

  • Analytical
  • Assertive
  • Competitive
  • Focused
  • Goal orientated
  • Logical & Linear
  • Objective
  • Passionate
  • Protective
  • Singular
  • Stable
  • Supportive
  • Transforming

For a male, optimal balance in your energy field is 60% masculine energy and 40% feminine energy. If you are out of balance and have a weak masculine energy, you may notice that you experience more of the following: fear, anger, doubt, indecisiveness, unreasonableness with others, and the inability to move forward. It is also possible for a male to experience a higher feminine energy. In that case, it would be possible for him to feel overly emotional with things that can intensify some the characteristics of a lower masculine level.

Feminine (Yin) Qualities are characterized by:

  • Allows for flow
  • Compassionate
  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Empathic
  • Instinctual wisdom
  • Intuitive
  • Multi-tasking
  • Nurturing
  • Receptive
  • Relating

For a female, optimal balance in your energy field is 60% feminine energy and 40% masculine energy. Some indications that you may be out of balance due to a weaker feminine energy are: being closed off from others, tending to be greedy, and tending to isolate yourself because you do not want to give of yourself or share anything you have. A female with a weaker feminine energy will also blame others for everything and not take responsibility for any of her own actions. It is also possible for a female to experience a higher masculine energy and, in that case, it would be possible for her to feel overly logical and in her own mind more than in her heart, and become more assertive with things that can intensify some the qualities of a lower feminine level.

Ways to balance

There are many different ways you can bring balance to your masculine and feminine energy. But, the key is the old saying “treat others they was you wish to be treated”.  Doing so, or at least trying to, keeps your true nature in balance. Think of your masculine and feminine energy as the scales of justice. When you are true to yourself and true to others, the balance is aligned and in this case aligned with the 60/40 balance based on your need. It also allows you to check in with your own feelings and see where you are. Other ways to balance these energies is by first being honest with yourself and recognizing you have an imbalance. Once you do you will find out what you need to balance those energies. Tools are available such as essential oils, spiritual sprays and affirmations based on which area you need to balance out. Here are a few tool links:

Balance Essential Oil

Divine Feminine Goddess Empowerment Spray to help balance Feminine Energy

Padre Sol Sacred Masculine and Father blessing spray for solar empowerment and male relationships to help balance Masculine Energy

Another key way to keep your masculine and feminine energies balanced is to keep your energy grounded. There are many different ways that you can achieve grounding your energy. These include eating vegetables or red meat, taking a salt bath, exercising, spending time in nature, and even using stones or crystals. Spiritual healing methods such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing and any Healing energy work can also assist you in achieving balance plus so much more. There are also meditative grounding methods that can help you overall with your grounding. There are many grounding meditation methods and resources available online. For more specific information about grounding methods, please check out our “Spiritual Grounding: A Manual & Reference Guide” available in both paperback and e-book. Included in this book, you will find four different grounding methods, plus a bonus method to use during travel. Additionally, you will find a short exercise that you can do in a few minutes daily to help you create optimal balance in your masculine and feminine energy. For more information please visit: . Email us about this blog post, and receive special pricing for both paperback and e-book versions.

Working with, and balancing out your masculine and feminine energies will not only allow you to connect more with your own energies, but really allow you to learn to love and appreciate who you are and support and nurture your spiritual needs.

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