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When you get a reading from Elysian Life Design, we connect with your Divine Support Team. A Divine Support Team consist of, but not limited to, your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian Angels, Past loved ones, Spirit or Power Animals and Deities, or Archangels with whom you have a close connection. Through this connection, we are able to translate information that is most important for you to receive at that particular time in your life. Through visual information, we can tell you how to create a deeper connection with members of your Divine Support Team. This will allow you to strengthen your own spirituality, intuition, and signs and symbols they may send you to let you know they are very much present in your life and that you are on the right path.



Truth, Love, Joy & Faith

We believe there are four “elements” that will help you achieve your personal state of bliss and build a strong spiritual connection; Truth, Love, Joy and Faith. These elements not only affect the emotional environment around you, but your metaphysical environment as well. Everything “beings” do in everyday life intertwines with one or more of these elements. But, by combining and flowing as one within your energy field, you can transform your life.
Truth: In order to develop into your true self, you have to learn the truth about who you are, where you have come from, and your life path. Building trust in yourself will enhance your trust in others and what the universe has in store for you.
Love:  Love is what makes the universe thrive. In every aspect of your life there is love that exists and wants to be a part of your everyday. Learning to understand the love you have for yourself and others as well as your faith and what each part means to you, will allow you to develop the skills you need going forward on your path and creating a divine connection.
Joy: Once you accept your worthiness and look at your life, mission, and universal gifts as a blessing, you can fully experience the joy in your life.
Faith: This is our personal favorite here at Elysian Life Design. Sometimes in life you must have faith. Faith that things will get better, faith that you will be ok, that everything will work out and faith that there is a universal plan and you are part of it. In order to have faith in how the universe works and what it has in store for you, you must have faith in yourself, others, and a higher source. Faith is not always an easy step but when you combine it with truth, love and joy, it creates the necessary foundation to your life path.
Our goal is to help you find these “elements” within yourself through Spiritual Consulting, Energy Healing, and Herbal & Essential Oil products that will support your spiritual journey. Things all around you have an impact on your connection with the universe and how you feel in your surroundings. We believe that, by having access to your Divine Support Team, you can build a stronger spiritual foundation that allows you to openly be in your own state of Elysian.



How does Elysian Life Design work differently from that of others in your profession?

A lot of people think that being face to face is the only way one can connect with the energy of the client. We find that we can connect just as well from a distance to see what is going on or messages that need to be passed along, and we feel the quality of our services will help you along your spiritual journey.

What should a client or patient expect from working with Elysian Life Design?

A client can expect the truth, respect, and compassion regardless of the situation. We think there is a way to deliver things in a gentle and effective manner and we like to teach people ways they can connect with their own energy and the Divine to empower them in the process.
What is the most important thing for clients to know about  working with Elysian Life Design?

That anything is possible if you are open to it. We all have the ability to connect with the Divine around us. That is what we at Elysian Life Design are here to facilitate.



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