New Era, New Beginnings & New You…


Welcome January! A new Era and a new decade is upon us! This month’s theme carries the energy of new beginnings, motivation, action, self responsibilities, willpower, resiliency and attainment. This month, the ground may rumble in the changes you have faced or even the illusion of changes ahead. We have some serious energy coming in this month, and if you harness it in the right ways, you can accelerate into your Highest Path of Destiny. One of the ways to do that, is trust! Trust yourself, trust the Divine and trust in your soul tribe along the way. If you find people wanting to dim your light over the next year, I want to remind you of something, you don’t owe anyone an explanation  of how bright you shine your light, and if someone doesn’t like how bright you shine it, they are not in control of your dimmer switch, YOU ARE! Take full control over your light, be all in on your own life, shine it brightly and if need be get a new light switch that has three bulbs and shine it extra bright. The upgrade is here and it is Capricorn season which brings in the zeal you have been awaiting. So, when your destiny comes knocking on your door this month, it is up to you, if you answer, and only you have the ability to achieve your mission. So, when destiny arrives, answer with your bags packed and be ready to go, like you have been waiting, because  fate is coming on through to get you, and ready or not it’s coming so be ready, be packed and be flexible enough to grab and go along for the ride, but either way it’s coming to you this year.

This month, we start a whole new decade, a whole new era! This is were history is made, and the greatest journey of your life starts to take form, and the seeds you planted over the last year start to bloom and come to life in your reality. This is a month, to refocus and reclaim your truest desires. This month’s playlist will help you usher in positivity and good vibrations.

To listen to our January Playlist please click on the link below: 

As we enter into a new decade and also a new era, the energy may feel radical and abrupt with an attitude, as there are some hard core planetary things shifting, including having the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the South Node all in Capricorn this month. You may be drawn to solidify and bring plans into action. The message is, be unstoppable, remember who you are, who you are as a soul and be limitless in your human potential. Get in alignment with the Divine this month and be all in on your life!

Although the waters may seem choppy at times, the more you stay focused on the dreams and goals of your own inner light and the light that is coming from you, it will lead you in the direction to go forward.

Stay Inspired,


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