How the Four Elements can be used in your everyday

2e01b773-6320-4318-8896-9cc92fac9b22The Four Elements are powerful in the Universe and in our lives, even if we do not see it. We are all born into one of the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Regardless of which one we are born into, we may feel personally connected to a different one. Each element has its own personality and magic that every person can connect to and ask for help. What do you think about when you think of each element? Here is what I think about, Air

brings me the winds of change, like the weathervane, can suddenly change directions and bring new and exciting things. Earth makes me think of grounding energy, helping me keep my thoughts in the present moment. Fire not only brings passion, but it burns away anything no longer needed. And last but not least Water. Not only does water cleanse and hydrate us. It also bring us forward movement. Our body is really affected everyday by these four elements.  I happen to be an earth sign. But, I have always loved water. Something about it brings me to a sort of happy place and helps clear my mind and relax me. Does a certain element make you feel the same way? Here is some details about each element:


Air is associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Characteristics of air include care-freedom, clarity, diligence, independency, joy, kind-heartedness, lightness, optimism, trusting nature, and vigilance. Air is always moving, and let’s face it feels so good in the hotter months when we have the windows open in the house or in the car. Throughout every day we take about 30,000 breaths of air it is vital to our human experience and our ecosystem. If you are an air sign, or feel connected with the air element, next time you feel you need a nice energetic clearing, go stand outside on a nice day and just let the air take all that is no longer serving you, and literally carry it away. As silly as it may sound, thank the wind and allow the energy to shift inside you.


Earth is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Characteristics of earth include ambition, cautiousness, conscientiousness, firmness, matter-of-factness, perseverance, punctuality, reliability, resistance, respectfulness and responsibility. Earth is stable, yet is always moving. The earth is extremely important as a vital necessity for our wellbeing that there are products called “Earthing” that help us stay grounded. If you are an earth sign, or feel connected to the earth element, try going outside on a nice day placing your bare feet or hands on the ground and exchanging energy with the earth. Release any bad energy you are feeling into the earth and allow the positive grounding energy of the earth flow back into you.


Fire is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Characteristics of fire include courage, daring, decisiveness, enthusiasm, power of creativity, sedulity and vigorousness. Fire is often associated with passion and keeps us warm, especially in the colder weather. When we look at it from a spiritual perspective, fire burns energy that we no longer need. Just as a volcano reaches a certain point and explodes releasing fiery lava. When we energetically clear space we burn sage. If you are a fire sign, or feel connected to the fire element, try visualizing a fire unless you have access to a safe fire pit or fire place. Then, either write down all your worries or fears, or just think about them and then throw them all in the fire and let them burn!


Water is associated with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces. Characteristics of water include compassion, devotion, forgiveness, meditativeness, mercy, mildness, modesty, placidity, trusting nature and understanding. As I said earlier, there is something about me and water. Perhaps that I am a sea goat Capricorn and part aquatic animal. I have noticed that nice living on my own, I have always somehow, managed to randomly find apartments near the water. It somehow always plays a very important role. Another odd coincidence is that most of the people with whom I enter into are also water signs. But, we would have to talk to an astrologer about that.  If you are a water sign, or feel connected to the water element, there are so many things you can try to cleanse your energy or purify your spirit. The next time you happen to be outside and it rains instead of rushing to get out of the rain let it wash away anything that is no longer serving you. In the shower imagine all the yucky going right down the drain. Place your feet in the ocean and let the tide clear you of your burdens. Either stand under a waterfall or imagine one in your mind and just let it wash away anything of your choosing.

Let’s be real. Whether or not we see it, the four elements are a necessity in our everyday lives. We need each and every one in order to survive. It is a delicate balance that the Universe has given us to work with. We just have to know we can access it, harness it and thrive when we work with it. It is really about trusting what you feel guided to work with. Know that being drawn to air today doesn’t mean that you won’t be drawn to a different element tonight. Just as how the day changes, so do we and what our inner spirit is telling us what we need, so be open and listen to where the four elements are guiding you.

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