As with any journey, there is always a beginning, and we may not understand the path at first. Then again, what kind of journey would it be if we already knew what we were about to experience? Welcome to my first blog ever!!! I have been thinking the last few months about how I would start, and it occurred to me last night that I should start with myself, and allow you to start to understand who I am, and how Elysian Life Design came to be.

Now that I have a better understanding about my purpose in this lifetime, it is easy for me to look back at moments in my life and think “Oh that makes sense now”, or “That is what was really going on.” I remember being a young girl, and having a desk in my bedroom. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a woman sitting at my desk. I did what any young child would do, I screamed. It is normal for people to say “oh, that is just your eyes playing tricks on you, nothing is really there.” I have thought about that experience many times in the last year, and have figured out that it is what probably made me frightened about things many people call “super-natural”. Throughout my life, I have always been able to sense things, but many times ignored them or pretended like they simply were not there. I could be in a space and know that something else was there with me and get a sense of energy from it. Many times you can think it is a bad or scary energy because you do not understand what it is, and the unknown is often unsettling to experience. Many times right before I would fall asleep, I would hear people talking to me or calling my name, and sometimes saying things I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear. I remember thinking, “why do they always want to talk to me right before I am about to go to sleep?” Well, that was because at that time in my life, that was the only time my vibrations were high enough to be open to receiving the messages. I knew energy and spirits where around and there was this whole universal aspect of life. But, I was not really sure I was ready to fully embrace that part of who I was, and continued to live my life that way for many years.

In December 2012, I experienced a traumatic loss. One that changed who I was, and shifted my entire world. Many times with loss we go through so many emotions and all the various stages of grieving. I recognized the signs the universe had been sending me, preparing me for this event in my life. I had been divinely guided through this catastrophic change. I was told that with such loss, there is room for transformation. I had a choice to make, and I made it sitting on my kitchen floor. I knew that I could either let this loss, guilt and grief consume who I was and shut myself off completely for the rest of my life. Or, I could feel the fear and do it anyways. I chose to transform into my true self, with a lot of help and guidance from this side and the other.

The loss I had experienced left me with the desire to open spiritually what I had spent most of my life trying to block out. This shift strengthened my faith to new levels, and made my relationship with God one that would allow me to see that this is who I was meant to be.  God has blessed me with this gift, and I created Elysian Life Design to truly help others transform parts of their life. Even if I am a small part of that transformation for you, by providing a healing message from passed love ones, or guides. I hope that something you see or experience with Elysian Life Design may help you open up to your own transformation and accept the blessings and purpose that is waiting for you. There are many personal experiences that I cannot wait to share with you, about spirituality and the universe as I have come to understand it. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for where the beginning of my journey has brought me. That is what the last 30 years were, the beginning. Now I am in the mist of the journey, and look forward to sharing more of my experiences and things I think will help you along your own personal transformation to become who you are meant to be and share in this spiritual experience with you.

Stay inspired by the divine,


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